Recipes for the "picky" kiddos or even the plain eating adults out there like me. Most of the recipes are family recipes, very european or scandinavian, and some are from cookbooks or online that have been adapted to work for my pickyness. Some will have "Everything on it" options for those like my husband that like "everything on it".

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pizza Dough

Makes 1 deep dish or 2 regular, or 3 thin crusts. I prefer the thin with very little sauce personally.

Mix and let sit:
      1 3/4 c Warm Water
      1 packet Yeast (or 1 Tbls)
      1/8 c Sugar

Mix together:
      4 c Flour
      1/2 tsp Salt
      1 tsp Pepper
      1 Tbls Garlic Pwd
      1 Tbls Onion Pwd
      1 Tbls Italian Seasoning
then add the risen yeast until dough is workable.

Top and bake on the middle rack.  425 degrees, 10-15 mins.

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